Principal Or Principle


Half the people in America hate Donald Trump. I get that. Hate the messenger… the message gets muddled. When you interview those same people, most of them hate the principal (Trump)… but endorse the principles he espouses. Hard to make sense of it.

However, it is easy to figure out once you understand that you are not supporting the “principal” but rather the things for which the “principal” stands, i.e., his or her “principles.”

As a registered Democrat, I ran for the House of Representatives in 1980 in South Carolina. This is not the Democrat party that I came to know and admire. I cannot for the life of me understand what Joe Biden is trying to accomplish.

This principal (Joe Biden) is not a man of principles. If he were, he would understand that change, choice, and principles are not unique. They are the tools that make principles inflexible. Lincoln wrote: “Important principles may and must be inflexible.”

Appearances aside, folks like yours truly cannot get a grip on it. If Biden were a man of principle, he would understand an irrefutable fact of life: As my dear, late friend Rosita Perez, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® said often from the platform: “If the horse is dead, get off it.” Biden does not seem to get it.

Failing to defend a principle is not complete failure. Complete failure happens when you accommodate your principles for convenience, becoming a costume or a banner of sorts, in other words a fraud. Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

The American people vote one way… with their wallets. Bill Clinton said it best: “It’s the economy stupid!” I authored a book published by John Wiley & Sons titled “It’s the Customer, Stupid!” Same premise. Voters are your customers, dummy.

You can only be successful over time if you can do so without prostituting your own principles. You make a choice and choices have price tags.

Occasionally it is not just unpopular but important to stand alone and not be beholden to the squad on the left or the proud boys on the right. Biden’s problem is not that he does not believe he is right. He cannot sell it to the public. Put another way, Joe Biden is a coward to his own principles.

November 2022 may bring the biggest onslaught the Democrat Party has ever experienced. Even as a registered Democrat, I feel they have it coming. They are no longer a party of the people but a party of the elite, inside-the-beltway idiots.

The Democrat Party style is to seize every catastrophe and convert it into a talking point based on race. That is not the party I remember. The party I grew to admire did not disrespect principle, no matter how insignificant.

Americans used to feel a sense of ownership and the most loyal among them were those brave souls who fought and died for a cause like freedom.

My late friend and mentor Zig Ziglar, CPAE once said on a platform we shared: “Be firm on principle but flexible on method.” That is the problem in Washington today. No one is willing to compromise.

Politics without principle is another form of prostitution. Wealth without hard work and effort will be short lived. One must have character and conscience backed by morality and certain beliefs.

One of my sons is a scientist with the FDA. Science without humanity is as useless as if one worshiped without making the necessary sacrifice. The pain all Americans feel today is real and demands an explanation. Otherwise, the customer/voter will go elsewhere to seek relief.

We say we want our leaders to be people of principle. What we meant to say but failed… “as long as it serves our interest.”

Michael Aun, CSP ®, CPAE ® Hall of Fame Speaker is the author of “The Great Communicators” (Royal Publishing)

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