Swept Up Following Life Of An Influencer

Point Of View
By Kendall Quinn

By Kendall Quinn

I sit in my bed, the clock hands reading just past noon, as I watch this influencer show her “Day in the Life Routine.” She starts her morning by rising out of her queen-sized bed with white linen sheets at 5:00 am. Her room is already perfectly organized. Natural sunlight comes through her floor-to-ceiling windows, giving her skin a natural glow. She starts her hair routine, puts a workout set on, and goes on a five-mile run. She then shows her viewers how she has an esthetic outing with friends and ends the day by getting a solid 10 hours of sleep.

The logical side of my brain tries to convince me of what adults have told me my whole life: it’s not real. It’s a carefully manipulated video trying to perfect an unrealistic life. But, at the moment, that doesn’t resonate with my teenage brain.

Instead, I attack myself. Why are you so lazy? Why aren’t you like her? I think about her life. She was so productive, and organized, and had a more eventful day than I was. I am wasting my life away, I conclude.

Have you ever experienced the same train of thought after watching a video on a very productive, but very unrealistic, lifestyle? After we watch these videos we tend to inspect our own lives and criticize where they differ from the video.

As a society, we fail to normalize having a boring day. Instead of a “rest day,” we see “lazy days.” Instead of “recharging” we label that as a “lack of motivation.” We must start to see the importance of having days where it is a mental and physical reset.

Critics would argue that if we have a lack of motivation every day of the week then we can be deemed lazy. Like anything in life, it’s all about balance. Stop putting pressure on yourself to have a day that looks like the lifestyle you see from influencers online. Realistically, do you think that they get up at 5 a.m. every single morning? No. They have days where they stay in bed just like you and me.

Be okay with a reset day. Stop feeling guilty.

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