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With Super Bowl LVIII on the horizon, football season has almost come to its end. Fortunately, there’s never a dearth of talk about football, even in the off-season, and there are several podcasts dedicated to the topic. Whether you want more content from your favorite TV sports pundits, detailed stats from NFL insiders or celebrity guests giving you their two cents, at least one of these podcasts is surely for you:

“The Rich Eisen Show” — Rich Eisen has been the premier host of the NFL Network ever since the channel first appeared on our cable TV guides two decades ago. You can see Eisen during the pregame, halftime and postgame shows, but in addition to his TV commitments, he also makes time for a podcast. Mixing sports analysis with pop culture (including celebrity interviews), Eisen is a knowledgeable and captivating host. Past guests include football fanatic/ movie star Matthew McConaughey, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio and Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. (Cumulus)

“New Heights With Travis and Jason Kelce” — If you haven’t heard of the Kelce brothers, you’re probably not a football fan. The two brothers played against each other in the Super Bowl last year. (Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs beat Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles.) This year, Travis expanded his profile even more by dating the world’s most famous singer, Taylor Swift. Some favorite episodes of listeners include any featuring Kylie (Jason’s wife), their parents, Travis’ teammate Chris Jones or former NBA star Charles Barkley. (

“The Pat McAfee Show” — Who would have thought a kicker drafted in the seventh round of the NFL Draft would end up being one of the most colorful — and loud — football analysts? His wildly popular show had millions of subscribers on YouTube before ESPN offered him a lucrative deal to move his show onto their platforms. You can listen to McAfee and his co-hosts as they shoot the breeze about weekend games. They also interview former players like JJ Watt or celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger. ( Don’t Forget These Gems

“NFL: Move the Sticks With Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks” — You’ve probably never heard of these two hosts, seeing as they’re both former NFL scouts, but they bring a unique perspective to their daily podcast. They’re regularly joined by top NFL personnel executives to bring in-depth analysis on everything from recent hirings, firings and trades, as well as a breakdown of each week’s game. (

“Up & Adams” — Former “Good Morning Football” co-host Kay Adams is joined by a rotating roster of current and former NFL players on this weekday podcast. Regular guests include retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and “Fox NFL Sunday’s” Howie Long. Look for extensive coverage by Adams and her team in the weeks leading up to this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Feb. 11. ( © 2024 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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