Essex Land Transfers

August 2023

Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC; TR, to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Rappahannock District, 256.20 FT STE RTE 609, Rerecording to replace #2300000802 to correct filing, $168,834.85.

Atlantic Trustee Service, LLC., to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Central District, Lot 8, Essex Acres, $130,113.61.

Brenda B. Balchin, to Edward F. Stone, Jr, Rappahannock District, Lot 16, Block C, Section 1, $10,000.

BH Improvements, LLC, to Sharon Dosani, Occupacia District, 3.029 AC, STE RTE 635, $570,000.

Shane Michael Bristow, to Donna L. Palmer-Scott, Rappahannock District, Lot 2, 3.00 AC with 50 ft. non-exclusive easement and PAR 2, 1.74 AC, $395,000.

Leonard Taylor Bukoski; Jr., to Justin L. Bullis, Rappahannock District, Lot 9, .849 AC, River View Landing, with right of way passage by foot, 20 ft., $309,950.

John T. Cornell, to Daniel H. Boor, Town of Tappahannock, Lot 3 and NW Half of Lot 4 in BLK C, Tanyard Farm Subdivision, $280,000.

Gladys C. Douglas, to Jose Manuel Resendiz Coronado, Town of Tappahannock, Lot 1 and 19, BLK B of Tanyard Farm Subdivision, $230,000.

Ann B. H. Eubank, to William Keith Cooke, Town of Tappahannock, North Prince Street and West Church Lane, $200,000.

Jeffrey A. Fain, to Jason Ardillo, Occupacia District, Lot 5, Section 1, Jurassic Park, $30,000.

Mary P. Green, to Rebecca L. Moore, Rappahannock District, 6 AC, Right side of STE RTE 662, $215,000.

John M. Harper; TR, to Jean B. Ball Forest, LLC., Rappahannock District, PAR 1, 112 AC and PAR 2, 138 AC Brooks with 20 ft. easement, $530,000.

William Junior Hence, to Roy G. Pollard; TR., Central District, .500 AC, STE RTE 622, $20,600.

David E. Holland, to Robert Mendoza, Rappahannock District, Lots 7 and 8, Rappahannock River Estates, $649,950.

Hutton Exchange Tappahannock V, to Alysha Venture, LLC., Central District, PAR 1, 2 AC and PAR 2, SoutheastSide of RTE 17, $79,507.

Allen R. Jackson, to Clearview Homes VA, LLC, Central District, Lot 10 and 1/2 of Lot 9, $80,000.

Jumping Dog Properties, LLC, to James E. Woodland, Central District, 8.44 AC, $48,700.

William C. Mann, Jr; TR, to Andrew T. Palmer, Rappahannock District, PAR 1, Lot 13, BLK N and PAR 2, Lot 14, BLK N, Rappahannock River Estates, $318,000.

Charles Latane Moore, to Ricky Clark, Occupacia District, 62.82 AC, $70,000.

Eric A. Moore, to Kimberlee Hayek, Central District, Lot 24, Hobbs Hole, Phase I, $387,400.

Jeremy W. Newell, to Homeland Financial Group, LLC., Rappahannock District, 9.503 AC, STE RTE 609, $55,000.

Epifanio V. Perez, to James D. Harris, Rappahannock District, PAR 1, .10 AC less 2.14 AC and PAR 2, 2.14 AC and interest in nonexclusive easement, $180,000.

Pintail Properties, LLC., to Gwendolyn Courtney Clarke, Occupacia District, Lot 2, .344 AC, Gwynnfield Subdivision, $340,000.

David J. Rogers to Larry W. White, Rappahannock District, Unit 121, Rappahannock River Run Townhouse, $290,000.

Dwayne E. Schnakenberg, to Done Deal Homes, LLC., Occupacia District, .5 AC, STE RTE 640, $40,000.

Dennis R. Schools, to Jerry Larnor, Occupacia District, PAR 1, 4.2 AC and PAR 2, 4 AC, $260,000.

Bradley V. Smith, to Freedom Land Capitol, LLC., Central District, Lot32, Meadow View Subdivision, $20,000.

Thomas E. Stephenson, to Angel A. Aguado, Town of Tappahannock, PAR 1, Lot 2, 3.64 AC and PAR 2, Lot 1, 2.34 AC, $85,000.

Steve Adams Inc., to Forbeck LLC., 2 1/2 AC, $60,000.

Spotswood Taliaferro, Jr., to Charles City Timber & Mat Inc., North Dist., 55 AC, Spotswood Taliaferro Tract, $88,970.

D. Ronald Walsh, to Joseph Leo Evering, Jr., Rappahannock District, Lot 10, 2.539 AC in Rappahannock River Run Subdivision, $725,000.

Pamela Sorrell White, ADMR CTA, to Stephen Crisp, Occupacia District, 1/2 AC, $230,000.

Kenneth C. Wilbur, to Douglas L. Hynes, Central District, Lot 7E, BLK III of Wright Park, $300,000.

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